PSU正在确定春季学期的新冠肺炎计划.  这个时候滚球体育可以确认春季学期回来, all students will be tested and must have a negative test result prior to the start of classes. This PCR testing will happen when you arrive on campus and will not involve any at-home or pre-arrival testing.  关于这个测试计划的更多信息将在新年伊始发送.  We will start the semester with our Indoor Mask Mandate in place for at least the first two weeks of classes.

面具接种疫苗测试检疫 & 隔离接触者追踪开放校园

在与新罕布什尔州卫生部协商后 & 公共服务部门和外部COVID-19专家, The PSU Cabinet has decided to keep the Indoor Mask Mandate in place through the end of the fall semester (Friday December 17, 2021). 

Faculty, staff, and students at PSU are required to wear a mask in the following indoor spaces:

  • 所有的教学楼和教室随时待命
  • 学生宿舍 while outside your assigned room or suite including public gathering places like lobbies, 休息室, 和其他人一起乘电梯时.
  • 公共空间 在校园的建筑中, 包括枢纽,拉姆森图书馆,银中心,施佩尔大厦,和 展望食堂时不吃不喝.


  • Students who have a diagnosis that rises to the level of a disability that does not allow for mask-wearing should contact Campus Accessibility Services to discuss accommodations. (详见《滚球体育》免责声明).
  • Mask requirements may change at any time based on changing COVID-19 health conditions on or off campus.


美国残疾人协会的指南不支持毛毯豁免戴口罩. An individual is entitled to request documentation from their medical provider stating they cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, though the 艾达 also suggests most providers will advise their patients not to engage with the public as that would put those already vulnerable patients at high risk. Organizations and businesses that require masks are not obligated to allow entry into their buildings by the unmasked individual. Rather, they can offer an alternative such as curb side pick-up or remote work or learning. The 艾达 regards allowing an unmasked person entry into a space where masks are required a substantial threat to the health and safety of the employees, 雇主, 和顾客. 另外, 美国残疾人协会已经对“口罩豁免”卡发出了警告, 声明这些卡都不是艾达签发或支持的. 有兴趣人士可查阅 www.艾达.政府 为进一步的信息.

  • PSU强烈鼓励所有的学生、教师和工作人员 接种疫苗.
  • 国家法律不允许事业单位强制执行 COVID-19疫苗.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to 分享疫苗接种证明 to be exempted from weekly testing, 检疫, 等.
    Proof of vaccination can be uploaded here >
  • Students who do not 分享疫苗接种证明 may have additional requirements for testing, 检疫, 等.
  • 员工可以继续 分享疫苗接种证明 从现在开始到本学期开始.
  • PSU校园的疫苗接种诊所定于周一举行, 8月30日, 从9号开始.m. 6 p.m.
  • Plymouth State is consulting with state health officials regarding possible booster vaccination clinics on campus as appropriate during the fall semester.



All students will utilize BinaxNOW antigen self-test cards for testing throughout the semester.

  • Students and employees who have not shared proof of vaccination will be required to test weekly with the BinaxNOW self-tests.
  • Students and employees who have submitted proof of vaccination will be tested randomly throughout the semester utilizing the BinaxNOW tests. 大约25%接种疫苗的校园人口每周将接受检测.
  • Any person who tests positive through the BinaxNOW tests will be required to isolate and have a PCR test completed in 24 hours as the definitive test for positive or negative.

Symptomatic Rapid 测试 will be available throughout the semester to anyone who is exhibiting symptoms. 测试将在PSU健康服务中心进行. More information here >

PSU can quickly schedule full campus PCR testing at any time throughout the semester should the need arise.

  • Belknap Residence Hall will serve as our 检疫 and isolation facility for the fall semester.
  • Residential students who test positive or are verified “household contacts” of a positive case and cannot return home will be housed and cared for in Belknap Residence Hall. Nonresidential students will need to 检疫 or isolate in their local off-campus residences or permanent homes.
  • PSU将提供人员配备, 提供餐, 还有医疗服务,就像滚球体育上个学年做的那样.

滚球体育 is following the most up-to-date guidance from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) regarding COVID-19 隔离、隔离和接触者跟踪协议 for the fall semester.

隔离: All positive COVID-19 cases, both 接种疫苗 and un接种疫苗, must isolate for 10 days. 不允许在隔离状态下进行测试. Total isolation time is 10 days from the date of a positive test, not symptom onset date.

“密切接触” 仅定义为直系家庭成员. For PSU, this would be residential hall or student apartment roommates and off-campus housemates.

  • 如果密切接触者检测呈阳性, any other immediate household member who is 接种疫苗 does not need to 检疫 but should monitor for symptoms and have a PCR test. PCR检测可能需要作为校园协议的一部分.
  • Anyone who is un接种疫苗 after being exposed to a close contact must 检疫 immediately and have a PCR test 5–7 days after their last exposure to the positive individual. 总隔离时间为10天. 未接种疫苗的人无法通过10天的隔离测试.

PSU will additionally attempt to identify other close contacts of COVID positive individuals as shared with the 接触者追踪 Team. 然而, 根据国家卫生和福利部的指导方针, un接种疫苗/under-接种疫苗 individuals are not required to 检疫 but voluntary 检疫 is optional. 校园内不提供自愿隔离宿舍. All non-household close contacts are encouraged to observe themselves for the development of symptoms, 在最后一次接触后3-5天进行测试, and wear a mask in indoor settings for 14 days or until receiving a negative test result. 一般不进行课堂接触者追踪. NH DHHS自我症状观察指南在这里: / / www.的发病率 /衰变时/中心/ covid19 /文件/ self-observation-covid.pdf

PSU校园将向公众开放, 然而某些建筑, 服务, or offices may have additional COVID-19 protocols in place for non-PSU community visitors.

For health, safety, and other pressing issues that are not addressed on this webpage, please e-mail 或者打电话给 PSU新冠肺炎咨询热线(603)535-2409. 该热线从周一至周五上午9点设有工作人员.m. 5 p.m.  This hotline will also have the most up-to-date messaging regarding testing, contact tracing, 等.他每天都通过录音留言向美国之音传达信息.